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Industry:Minutes 2011-04-08

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April 7, 2011 at 16:00 UTC/GMT we will be having a Global Industry Committee Call.

   * +1 877 534 8500 or International +1 513 534 8500
   * Passcode 410105 # 

Old Business

  • Budget update - Board approved 1/2 of our budget on Monday's meeting and will decide on the other half within a couple of weeks.
  • David - OWASP Panel at Brighttalk Appsec Summit- anything to report?
  • Nishi has agreed to put together a ppt for the GIC to use in outreach efforts. She will send a draft to rest of committee for review in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • Surveys - Eoin's survey on survey monkey, status update from Rex on his survey
  • AppSec EU -- Industry Committee hosting industry breakout sessions. Who is going from GIC? Who do we need to send invites out to? What is our game plan?

New Business

  • Lucas's open letter to the Brazilian Government - Colin has provided Lucas with some feedback, but it would be great if we as a committee could vote on whether we can officially "endorse" the letter, to provide Lucas with some backing. There has been a long string of email regarding Lucas's request for feedback on the GIC mailing list... if you missed it, email me and I can forward it on.`

The original version (in Portuguese) is available here:

A Google translated version is here:

  • FSISAC summit May 2nd (Joe)
  • Jeff's email to OWASP Leaders yesterday re: Outreach (attached in case you missed or didn't receive it) --> What can we do to be involved in this outreach effort or coordinate it in our current plans?
  • April 10-16 is National Volunteer Week -- What can the GIC do to leverage this and promote our efforts? How can we raise awareness of the great things we are doing globally?

The OWASP Foundation is a 99.9% volunteer driven organization! Let’s take this time to recognize those volunteers who have dedicated their time and talent to making the universe safer for the rest of us.

Stats: Mailing list of 25,000, 135 active projects, 70 active chapters globally, volunteer organized conferences on every continent, committees, influencing education and government