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Industry:Minutes 2010-08-17

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Minutes of the Global Industry Committee meeting held by conference call on 17 August 2010 at 18:30 GMT.


  • David Campbell
  • Yiannis Pavlosoglou
  • Colin Watson


  • Alexander Fry
  • Georg Hess

Discussions, Actions and Results

Intergroup communication

Chair and other members should hold and be able to get in touch with each GIC member within 12 hours.

Decisions (Action by):

  • All GIC members have to update their personal wiki page by the end of this month (All)
  • Phone numbers to be exchanged between GIC members (All)
  • AF needs to join the mailing list (AF)

Extended efforts

The GIC are spearheading an effort of getting in touch with a number of other industries. Often, we are the first point of official contact with OWASP. We are still volunteers, but certain things are expected from us, in a timely fashion.

Decisions (Action by):

  • All the above hold and timely responses for GIC members are considered important (All)
  • Encourage 2-3 additional people to join the committee who can make an active contribution (DC,YP,CW)
  • Discuss/develop further the idea of having a list of OWASP associates or sector/subject matter experts (SMEs) who can work with GIC leads when approached by other parties, or need to respond to particular issues (CW)

Grounds for expulsion from the GIC

Increased visibility of the GIC comes with more accountability.

Discussed whether there should be an expected:

  • no. of outreaches a GIC member is meant to perform a year/quarter,
  • no. of OWASP presentations a GIC member should target to give in the course of a quarter/year
  • communication from a GIC member to other committee members

Decisions (Action by):

  • Not to settle on numbers and particulars regarding just the efforts within the GIC, but within OWASP as a whole. This includes chapter efforts, conferences, projects, publications, etc. (CW)

Committee chair

CW was appointed "by acclaim" a year ago, and said at the time he would accept the role for a year. Aim to have a new chair in place by 1 Nov in advance of next summit. CW would like to continue as a member.

Decisions (Action by):

  • all existing GIC members are elligible (-)
  • send an email to GIC members regarding succession process for chair (CW)
  • if no-one else can be found, CW would be happy to continue (-)

Ongoing and upcoming activities

[[Global Industry Committee] almost up-to-date.

Decisions (Action by):

  • Add YP's new outreach to BCS ITNow magazine (YP)
  • Add DC as GIC co-ordinator on EK's OWASP Annual Application Security Survey concept (DC)
    • approach US contacts (RB,JB)
    • contact UK chapters (YP)
    • approach UK contacts (CW,YP)

Next Meeting

Date of the next meeting to be decided. An announcement will be made through the mailing list and on the Global Industry Committee page.

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