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Chat with the OWASP Community on IRC

Getting started

For IRC experts: all of these channels are on

For people new to IRC, just access and join the desired channel.

Register your nick with freenode

When you log into IRC you're going to want to register your name with NickServ so no one else can use your nick, and others can gain familiarity with you by you using the same nick. Learn how to register your nick at [1].

Use the same IRC nick that you use with

Most people use their user name as their nick in IRC. If that name is already taken on freenode, then append a dash or numerals to the name. Many IRC clients will automatically append an underscore to your nick upon join if the name is already taken. Having a familiar nick allows for consistency between IRC and the OWASP site.

Recommended IRC clients

Below are a couple of recommended IRC clients.

Webchat : An online IRC client that requires no local software installed

Hexchat: An open source clone of Xchat which is completely free and cross platform

irssi: A terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems

ChatZilla: A clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.

Essential Channels to Join

#owasp is a town-hall of sorts. Here, we talk about OWASP projects in general, quick how-to questions, and what we've been doing in the community lately.

#owasp-contribute is the place to go if you want to help with core and contribute coding work, promotion, translation, infrastructure, and general OWASP community tasks. The rule of thumb here: if it ends up on the infrastructure, and you are working on it or want to work on it, then this is the place to talk about it.

#owasp-security101 is the for introductory questions and discussions on application security. All questions related to application security are welcome. Some questions will be basic, that's ok, these are encouraged too.

Topical Channels

#owasp-gsoc is the official OWASP Google Summer of Code channel. Are you a student or mentor interested to participate in GSOC, this is your channel -

#owasp-wcs is the official OWASP Winter Code Sprint channel. Are you a student or mentor interested to participate in WCS, this is your channel -

OWASP Regional Channels

#owasp-spanish is the official OWASP channel for those who hablan espanol.

OWASP Chapter Channels

#owasp-italy is the official OWASP Italy Chapter channel -

#owasp-spain is the official OWASP Spain Chapter channel -

OWASP Project Channels

#owtf is the official Offensive Web Testing Framework channel -

OWASP is a community, and IRC is one means to communicate and interact with others. There are men and women of all ages, and it is best to remember to treat everyone with respect and dignity, as outlined in the OWASP Code of Ethics.

OWASP IRC channels are not a personal or private space for injuring or impugning the professional reputation of colleagues, clients, or employers, making jokes at the expense of other people, posting links to videos or photos of a sexual nature, or using offensive language. The OWASP community is a place that welcomes everyone.

If you believe someone is behaving innappropiately, please speak up as outlined in the OWASP Whisteblower Policy