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== Dinnis Cruz' Guidelines of OWASP==
===What about===
* Don't create Web Applications that have the OWASP Top Vulnerabilities
The six OWASP Guides constitute the guidelines:
* Have an SDL as defined by the OpenSAMM project
* All developers should program in the nude at least 1 day/week (Stephen de Vries idea, designed to help developers have more empathy with the 'nude state' of the applications they are developing)
== Colin Watson's Guidelines of OWASP ==
I think the six OWASP Guides constitute the guidelines:
* CISO Guide
* CISO Guide
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== Your ideas ==
== Your ideas ==
* Owasp top 10??

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Section 2.7.4 item c) from the REGULATIONS document (which is aimed at laying down technical specifications for online collection systems pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the citizens’ initiative), says that:

  • Proper security configuration is in place, which requires, at least, that:
    • ...
    • e) security settings in the development frameworks and libraries are configured in accordance with best practices, such as the guidelines of OWASP."

So what does guidelines of OWASP actually means? This page aims at answering that question

What about

The six OWASP Guides constitute the guidelines:

  • CISO Guide
  • Development Guide
  • Code Review Guide
  • Testing Guide
  • Verification Standard Guide
    • Part 1 - ASVS for Web Applications
  • Secure SDLC Guide (i.e. SAMM)

Your ideas

  • Owasp top 10??