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Global Industry Committee - Marco

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Applicant Name Marco Morana.
Current or Former OWASP Roles UPDATE THIS MARCO.
Committee Applying for Global Industry Committee

Please be aware that for an application to be considered by the board, you MUST have 5 recommendations. An incomplete application will not be considered for vote.

Who Recommends/Name Role in OWASP Recommendation Content
1 Jim Manico OWASP Connections Committee Chair Marco is a constantly active OWASP member who constantly adding positive contributions. We are lucky to have him on any committee!
2 Tony UV OWASP Atlanta Chapter Lead +1
3 Matteo Meucci OWASP Italy President, OWASP Testing Guide lead Marco is one of the most active OWASP member, whith hundreds of contributions in Malware, Threat Modeling, Secure Coding, Testing Guide projects. He was the USA Cincinnati President. He can give a great contribution to the Global Industry Commitee because he matured great experiences as Sr. Technology Information Security Officer and VP for a large financial organization with responsibilities in the technical security reviews for projects during the SDLC that includes architecture design reviews, review of source code analysis and vulnerability assessments.
4 Anurag Agarwal Project Leader - OWASP Threat Modeling Marco is one of the most respected person in application security industry. His vast knowledge on various aspects of secure development lifecycle and threat modeling is an asset to the organization. His experience with large financial institutions makes him even more important in promoting application security across various companies and spread the OWASP mission across the industry.
5 Tobias Gondrom OWASP London Chapter Board Marco is a devoted and active member of the OWASP community with great expertise in the industry area and bringing OWASP into the context of Industry. I engaged in many conversations with him and always found his input and insights of the highest value. His works on the CISO AppSec guide are extremely useful and he will be most valuable to the GIC! Highly recommended!