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Global Education Committee

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About the Global Education Committee

The Global Education Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008. The primary purpose of the Global Education Committee is: to work with the OWASP Education Project to provide educational materials for both internal and external users, develop liaisons with educational institutions worldwide.


Provide awareness, training and educational services to corporate, government and educational institutions on application security.


Make OWASP educational material globally available as a well known resource in easily consumable form mapped to a framework tied specifically to user roles and responsibilities

Committee Members

Education Committee (Board Member Rep: Seba)

Martin Knobloch (Netherlands)

Mano Paul (U.S.)

Eduardo Neves (Brazil)

Kuai Hinjosa (U.S.)

Cecil Su (Singapore)

Fabio Cerullo (Ireland)

How to join this committee

Join our mailing list

Agenda / Timeline (DRAFT)

Proposal Plan

60 days to make a proposal

  • December 20th - first draft of the proposal
  • January 16th - submit

Agenda for the 2009 calendar year.

  • January 7th 2009 next skype meeting

Action Plan - Next Steps/Dates/Action Item (DRAFT)


  • Categorize (Organization) of educational materials


  • by roles and responsibilities/technologies and use the summit workshop notes


  • Train the trainers (Teach the teachers)
  • Create an online training and assessment portal
  • OWASP Bootcamp Project / CTF event
  • Speakers Bureau Project ? -
    • List of speakers, Name, Bio, Topics, History
    • Speakers in conferences (OOTM ask for funds on this)/summit

Awareness Services

  • Marketing efforts - Flyers or Brochures of OWASP Top 10, Testing Guide .
  • Liaise with Juan Calderon for translation services for highly spoken languages

Training & Educational Services

  • All projects should be summoned to create educational material (training service)
    • Each Projects --> Documents (help), Tool, Training; Live CD (Portable)
  • Educational Services
    • Contact university - build a university list