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Global Education Committee

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About the Committee

The Global Education Committee was created during the OWASP EU Summit in Portugal 2008.
The primary purpose of the Global Education Committee is: to work with the OWASP Education Project to provide educational materials for both
internal and external users, develop liaisons with educational institutions worldwide.


Provide awareness, training and educational services to corporate, government and educational institutions on application security.


Make OWASP educational material globally available as a well known resource in easily consumable form mapped to a framework tied specifically to user roles and responsibilities

Committee Members

Chairs: Martin Knobloch (Netherlands)

<paypal>Global Education Committee</paypal>

2012 Goals

Goals 2012

  1. Training Events
  2. University Outreach
  3. Academy Portal
  4. Student Chapter Program
  5. University Outreach

OWASP Dependencies

  • OWASP Projects
  1. OWASP Education Project
  2. OWASP Academy Portal Project
  3. OWASP Educational Supporters
  • Other OWASP Committees
  1. Global Membership Committees: OWASP Student Members
  2. Global Chapter Committee: OWASP Student Chapters

2011 Comprehensive Committee Plan | 2010 Plan

Major Initiatives

OWASP Training

The main goal of OWASP Training is to support Local Chapters' training activities in a way that allows OWASP to use a model that, despite specific and punctual adjustments, can be easily replicated and become the main frame for all Chapter-led training events.

To know more about the OWASP Training concept, please see the OWASP Training page.

OWASP Academies

The idea of the OWASP Academies is to conceive a frame under which work should be done with Universities, Polytechnic Institutes, IT Schools and other Academic institutions with a view to establish solid relationships and develop with these organisms ways to collaborate and participate in the design of courses focused on web application security.

OWASP has the knowledge and critical mass to give an invaluable input to any Academy focusing on this area by:

  • contributing with its expertise in the definition of curricula and course contents that explore and study the web security field;
  • making available to the Academy its pool of interested and willing security experts as trainers.

To know more about the OWASP Academies and the activities developed, please see the OWASP Academies page.

Initiative Priority Associated Goals Description Status Deadline Assignees

Committee Meetings

Monthly Report Format

Date of last update: Monday, September 5th Updated by: Martin

Accomplishments for this Month:

  • Voted for organizing 2day's OWASP training events outside the AppSec Conference

Planned for Next Month:

  • Goals and budget for 2012


  • agree on tasks to enable the OWASP training events
    • trainer and training evaluation
    • call for paper

Next Meeting

Date: October-10-2011

Time: 21:00 UTC/GMT (no daylight saving) Dial in: 1-866-534-4754 Guest Code: 891237

For the next and previous meetings, see: GEC Meetings

Committee Policies

Educational initiatives

1. OWASP Education Project OWASP project started by Seba

  • This project is about creating and managing (enabling off creation) educational material from the OWASP knowlegde base.
    • You could see this as the factory to create educational material

2. OWASP Academies pushed by Dinis and resulted into the OWASP Academy Portal Project

  • project target is about offering an educational material, specially targeted for Universities and Educational institutions
    • you could see this as the shop for Educational material created within the Education Project

3. OWASP Educational Supporters

  • This is a membership program, especially for Educational institutions.
    • During (if I am not mistaken) the Summit 2008 there have been major changes in the membership categories.
    • A "Educational Supporter Membership" been created to enable easy commitment to OWASP for them!

4. OWASP Student Chapters

  • This is a project, as it has not the means of competing with existing chapters
    • Different then regular chapters, we have a project as we need to keep them connected to OWASP. Say, they need more guidance / hand-holding.

5.OWASP Student Members (proposed by Martin)

  • As part of the Student Chapters, this is what we hope to achieve for the students being actieve!
    • To lower the bar for students being committed to OWASP!

6. University Outreach

  • as part of the summit, we started (or where trying to) the University Outreach.
  • you could see the student chapters, Academy portal and student membership as actions to get universities and educational institutions committed to OWASP.