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Global Chapter Committee - Application 6

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Applicant's Name Ofer Maor
Current and past OWASP Roles OWASP Israel Chapter Leader
Committee Applying for Global Chapters Committee

Please be aware that for an application to be considered by the board, you MUST have 5 recommendations. An incomplete application will not be considered for vote.

Who Recommends/Name Role in OWASP Recommendation Content
1 Mark Bristow Global Conferences Committee Chair, AppSec DC Organizer, OWASP DC Lead Ofer has been doing an excellent job in promoting OWASP in the vibrant Israeli government, security, and development community. His energy and insights would make a great addition to the committee.
2 Robert "RSnake" Hansen Global Connections Committee, Board of Austin OWASP Ofer is one of the most knowledgeable people in OWASP around detection and penetration testing. I see no reason he couldn't help organize the chapters. I, for one, welcome his expertise.
3 Ofer Shezaf Founder, OWASP Israel When looking for someone to take over OWASP Israel leadership I could hope for no one better than Ofer Maor. Ofer successfully took over an already successful chapter and made it even better. His experience is invaluable for the chapters committee.
4 Avi Douglen Board of Israel OWASP Chapter Ofer has been doing great work on growing the Israel chapter, and getting more people to register and participate in the local OWASP activities. Ofer could provide insight into different cultures and types of chapters.
5 Ryan Barnett Project Leader, ModSecurity Core Rule Set I have had the chance to work with Ofer in both community and commercial projects and he is a top notch web security professional. I highly recommend him for a committee position.