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Global Chapter Committee/Meetings/April 2011

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Global Chapters Committee monthly meeting April 2011

Meeting Information


  • 11-Apr-2011, 19h00 UTC, Bridge Line: 866-645-3167 OR 816-423-4241, Participant Code: 8656478
  • 12-Apr-2011, 14h00 UTC, Bridge Line: 1-866-534-4754, Code: "OWASP" (69277), Skype sarah.baso to connect to US bridge line

Roll Call


  • Tin Zaw (TZ) 11-Apr
  • Kate Hartmann (KH) 11-Apr
  • Seba Deleersnyder (SD) 11-Apr
  • Mandeep Khera (MK) 11-Apr
  • Sarah Baso (SB) 11-Apr & 12-Apr
  • L. Gustavo C. Barbato (GB) 12-Apr


  • Andrew van der Stock (AV)
  • Puneet Mehta (PM)
  • Matthew Chalmers (MC)


  1. Introducing Sarah Baso
  2. 2011 Budget Status
  3. OWASP on the Move Update
  4. Chapter Leader Handbook Update
  5. (Anything else, time permitting)


Monday, 11 April

  • Introduction of Sarah Baso, who will be providing operational support for the Global Chapter Committee. For details view Sarah's Role w/OWASP.

  • Budget Update:
    • Board tentatively approved 50% of all global committee budgets (Chapter Committee Budget Request - $45,000 + $5000 already approved for Committee Operational Support Position). The Board will review remainder of budgets in the next week or so.
    • TZ proposes that the committee fund the line item "OWASP on the Move" ($10,000) in its entirety, and allocate any remaining funds approved by the board equally to the other 3 initiatives listed on the 2011 Budget (Chapter Leader Summits, Chapter Nurturing Program, and Student Chapters Program).
      • TZ, SD, MK all vote "Yes" on this allocation of funds.
      • SB to follow up on votes from other committee members on 12 April call and via email.

  • Regarding committee overlap on College Chapters/University Outreach initiatives:
    • TZ talked with Martin Knobloch (Chair of Education Committee and Project Leader for OWASP Education Project) and Dan Cornell (Chair of the Membership Committee). While not much structure currently exists to prevent overlap of committee initiatives, for now they made sure that there was not duplication in the 2011 committee budgets and recognized that there is gray area in who is in charge of what.
    • TZ suggested that for now, Chapter Committee members could reach out to a few select local universities about kick-starting college chapters and then connect them with Martin and the Education Committee. Each of these college chapters should have a local OWASP leader who can serve as their "local liaison."
      • MK agreed to outreach in the Bay Area, specifically Stanford
      • TZ agreed to outreach with UCLA, Cal State Pomona, and possibly others in LA area.
      • Seba and Martin also to engage in outreach and try to kick-start college chapters in their locations.
      • TZ noted that a group from Charlotte, NC was also interested in starting a college chapter. TZ to speak with a nearby chapter leader to serve as their local liaison.
    • An email needs to be sent to both Martin and Dan to keep them in the loop about the Chapters Committee regarding college chapter start-up.

  • OWASP on the Move Update:
    • Christian Heinrich from Australia has requested funds from OWASP on the Move to attend AusCERT 2011 (a non-owasp event). All members on call agreed that this request was outside the scope of the Chapter Committee, as was already communicated to Christian. The only other avenues for funding would be the Conferences Committee (who also turned him down due to lack of available funds) and through Christian's local OWASP chapter. KH will respond to Christian and reiterate that the funding he is requesting is outside the scope of the Chapter Committee, but he can contact his local OWASP chapter and ask them to cover his costs.
    • There has been some confusion regarding the purpose and guidelines for OWASP on the Move
      • SD - started OotM and noted the main purpose for this initiative was to support chapters flying in speakers as well as local OWASP/chapter events
      • SD - to modify OotM wiki page to provide more clarity to the purpose as well as guidelines (by next month's meeting)
      • Goal is to have clear guidelines so KH can automatically process requests for funds that fall within the guidelines, and the Chapter Committee only needs to vote on applications with special circumstances.

  • Progress on Chapter Handbook:
    • TZ to follow up with MC regarding progress.
    • After the OSTR, there are many chapters that have been identified as inactive and a process needs to be established to close chapters.
    • TZ to break up the Chapter Handbook into small sections and delegate each section to a different committee member for draft/review.
    • SB will set up a Google Doc to be shared by Chapter Committee members for this process.

  • SD asked for clarification on the 2011 Budget item: "Chapter Leader Summit:
    • TZ explained this line item would be used to help fund chapter leaders to go to area AppSec conferences for a regional mee-tup/working session. For example: EU chapter leaders should have a meet-up/working session at AppSec EU in Dublin. If they are unable to go due to funding, this pool of money could help them with their expenses.
    • SD to coordinate meet-up/working session at AppSec EU. He will follow up with conference coordinators regarding space for the session and then contact EU leaders about whether they plan to attend the conference.
    • Similar approach should be taken for AppSec US, AppSec LA, and AppSec Asia.

Tuesday, 12 April

  • ... SB provided recap of discussion from 11 April call
  • GB voted "yes" on 2011 Budget allocation proposal
  • GB agreed to engage chapter leaders on LA mailing list about becoming "local liaisons" for kick-starting college chapters in their areas.
  • GB noted that there is a significant problem in Brazil (as well as other countries in SA/LA) regarding international funds transfers. He wondered if OWASP could look into setting up a Non-profit foundation in Brazil to handle expenses/fund transfers related to the local chapters as well as conferences. SB to discuss this with KH and other OWASP personnel and get back to GB on the issue.

Action points:

ID Action Point Responsible Timing Status
1 Vote on 2011 Budget Allocation Matt ASAP
2 Vote on 2011 Budget Allocation Puneet ASAP
3 Vote on 2011 Budget Allocation Andrew ASAP "YES"
4 Outreach for starting college chapter(s) in Bay Area, specifically Stanford Mandeep
5 Outreach for starting college chapter(s) at UCLA, Cal State Pomona, and possibly others in LA area. Tin
6 Speak with chapter leader to serve as their local liaison for college chapter in Charlotte, NC Tin
7 Outreach for starting college chapter(s) in Belgium Seba
8 Email LatAm Leaders regarding starting college chapter(s) in their area and serving as local liaisons L. Gustavo
9 Email Martin and Dan re: college chapter start-up
10 Modify OWASP on the Move wiki page to provide clarity to purpose and guidelines Seba May Chapter Committee Meeting Done
11 Follow up with MC regarding status of Chapter Handbook, then break up the Handbook into small sections to be delegated to committee members Tin
12 Set up a Google doc for working on the Chapter Handbook Sarah Baso Done 4/18
13 Coordinate chapter leader meet-up/working session at AppSec EU Seba Done 4/22
14 Look into setting up an OWASP Foundation in Brazil to handle Brazilian chapter & conference Funds Sarah Baso
15 Post March Chapter Committee Meeting Minutes Sarah Baso Done
16 Post April Chapter Committee Meeting Minutes Sarah Baso Done