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Global Chapter Committee

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About the Committee

Mission Statement

To provide the support required by the local chapters to thrive and contribute to the overall mission and goals of OWASP.

Committee Governance

Global Chapters Committee Governance Policies

Committee Members

Name Email Telephone Skype Location Time Zone
Tin Zaw § tin.zaw 'at' owasp dot org +1.213.973.9295 tzaw.rr USA UTC -8/-7 (DST)
Seba Deleersnyder seba 'at' owasp dot org +32.478.504.117 seba.deleersnyder Belgium UTC +1
Puneet Mehta puneet.mehta 'at' owasp dot org +91-991-014-0437 India
Andrew van der Stock vanderaj 'at' owasp dot org Australia
L. Gustavo C. Barbato lgbarbato 'at' owasp dot org lgbarbato Brazil
[[User:|Josh Sokol]] josh.sokol 'at' ni dot com USA UTC -6/-5 (DST)
Mandeep Khera mkhera 'at' owasp dot org +1.650.274.8731 mandeepkhera USA UTC -8/-7 (DST)

§ The committee chair is Tin Zaw.

Committee Operational Support:

Name Email Telephone Skype Location Time Zone
Sarah Baso sarah.baso 'at' owasp dot org +1.312.869.2779 sarah.baso USA UTC -6/-5 (DST)

How to join this committee

Join our mailing list

<paypal>Global Chapter Committee</paypal>


The global chapters committee meets 2 times per month using Skype. Global Meeting Time Planner - Click Here

  • 2nd Monday of the month @ 19h UTC for EU/US, fits for Andrew, Tin, Josh, Mandeep, Kate, Gustavo, Seba
  • 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 14h UTC for US/Aspac/India, fits for Puneet, Kate, Tin (occasionally), Seba (occasionally), Andrew

The meeting is not a goal itself but is the due date for delivery of last month's tasks. The chair will send an invite to the meeting prior to the meeting.

  • 3nd Monday of the month @ 20h (8:00PM) UTC for US/EU

Join the meeting

  • 3nd Tuesday of the month @ 1h (1:00AM) UTC for US/APAC/India

Join the meeting

GoToMeeting Info for ALL monthly calls:

Last meetings

Committee Voting Record

Global Chapter Committee Voting Record - records starting 15-July-2011

2011 Goals/Initiatives

To be reviewed by the new Chapter Committee 2.0!

  • Provide chapters with useful resources to help them succeed.
  • Help individuals in getting more from OWASP chapters.
  • Ensure as many chapters as possible are healthy and active.

Chapter Workshops

Chapter Handbook Revision

The current chapter handbook can be found here. The Global Chapters Committee is working to revise the handbook and aims to have a new draft for comment by November 1, 2011. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please send them to Sarah Baso and she will forward it on to the other committee members.

Committee Tasks

Everyone is busy. To make it possible for busy people to contribute, the Global Chapter Committee subdivides its goals into micro-tasks easily digestible in an hour or two by volunteers.

Group Task Owner