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GSoC2019 Ideas

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OWASP Project Requests

Tips to get you started in no particular order:

* Read Google Summer of Code Program(GSOC)`
* Read the GSoC SAT 
* Read the GSOC Student Guidelines
* Contact us through the mailing list or irc channel.
* Check our github organization

OWASP-SKF (draft)

Idea 1: Build lab examples and write-ups (how to test) for different code languages delivered in Docker (these must correlate with a Knowledge base item in SKF)

Idea 2: We want to extend the Machine learning chatbot functionality in SKF.

  • Create a desktop version of the chatbot. Where people can install the setup file on their local machine.
  • Extend the bots capability to do the google search(using web scraping) for the things which are not available in the database. So, it will have a wider scope of knowledge.
  • Extend the bot capability to reply what security controls should be followed from the ASVS and MASVS or other custom checklists that are present in SKF.
  • Extend the bot to different platforms like Facebook, telegram, slack etc.
    • Now the working chatbot implementation for example is only for Gitter