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GPTC Minutes 2009-06-08

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GPC Call 2009-06-08

Start 4:00 PM Central Time

Paulo sent some links via Skype

[16:15:03] paulo coimbra:

>> Consensus was that this was MUCH better.

[16:15:17] …

The experience 8 is a very early draft of Paulo playing around.Looks like we've got a good start on getting the templates needed for criteria v2

We discussed the questions – Matt had sent a draft to Dinis & Paulo. Paulo will put it on a Google Doc and share with the committee
(Google Form's first version]

Looked at the changes that Jason made:

Conversation about the thread that happened on the Leaders List

  • Throw back a bone – perhaps make the stipen smaller
  • Perhaps do the boiling frog method to wean the OWASP off stipens – slowly decrease the stipens to zero
  • Break issue into
    • Do we pay stipens?
    • If so, how much do we pay?
  • Are we paying for work product or are we paying for something to be done (a recievable)?
  • Eventually OWASP would be removed from the handling they payment of project leads – instead sponsoring companies would handle this.
  • Make OWASP like the Google Summer of Code
  • OWASP value add is the promotion and sponsorship of the project.
  • OWASP goes from paying for someone's time to paying to get the guy's job done
    • Pays to make sure the guy can get things done
    • Be enablers to the project leads
    • You shouldn't be out of pocket (cash) while doing your project
  • OWASP should be paying for everything from your time
  • Lots of discussion here.
  • Next thing to work on – additional funding for the SoC
  • How is this going work – how to get external support/sponsors?
  • New projects – Paulo report
    • No problems or something to report
    • Focusing on getting the frames/templates done for criteria v2
  • Another Task for me (Matt):
    • Launching SoC in one week
    • One more list discussion
    • Plan for how we are going to get the maximum visibility for the SoC launch -
      • Blogs, press pack, podcasts, how to disseminate the news
      • Hook Pravir about how to launch this like OpenSAMM
        • Made some good deals with his launch – need to do the same
        • Viral gorilla type marketing
  • How to get committees to fill out the details of their areas
    • Start pushing questions to the committees
    • Need the SoC to launch to put some pressure on the committees to deliver
    • Be very proactive about the Education project

End Time 5:53 PM.