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*** discuss a proper operational/coordination workflow
*** discuss a proper operational/coordination workflow
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Agenda for Global Projects & Tools Committee on 20 Jan 2009

Old Business

    • A follow-up on what was done over the results from our first and second meetings.

New Business

    • We need to set up as as possible a new season of code. How will it be done?
    • New projects waiting for Committee's response:
      • Owasp Anti-Malware Project: Defending Web Infrastructures Against Malware' project - Giorgio Fedon, See Appendant (2).
      • Owasp project for VICNUM, Mordecai Kraushar, See Appendant (3).
      • New OWASP Project for SAMM, Pravir Chandra, See Appendant (4)
      • Web Application Harvesting, Esteban Ribičić, See Appendant (5)
    • Process for approving OWASP projects. Is there any? should have?
  • Andrew's Grant proposal request:
  • Closure of Summer Of Code 2008
  • Boaz Gelbord's - Paulo's involvement and will be used by the Global Industry Committee to collect stats.
    • Can a set of criterion be established to define OWASP priorities in terms of projects available to be sponsored by our OWASP Members?
  • Discuss new project creation process: Paulos has directed many new project e-mails for our list and I think we should prioritize our tasks in order to make those projects start correctly. In this sense, integration activities should be prioritized.
    • Projects moving to release quality:
      • Anti-Sammy for Java
    • Identfify the list of projects that shall be sponsored by for 2009 - should we consider having one season of quality/cleaning and one season of code?
      • discuss a proper operational/coordination workflow