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GPC Agenda 2010-04-19

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2010-02-22 2010-04-19 2010-05-03

Description Aditional Info Decisions/Comments Follow Up
- Agenda template
  • [Ref=07_Issue_Fev10]
  • Task owner: Paulo & Dinis
- Dinis has asked Paulo to review the template and rebuild it in accordance with this logic. Paulo is currently studying the issue. See progress.
Chapters' Training
  • [Ref=08_Issue_Fev10]
  • Task owner: Paulo & Dinis
Dinis has asked Paulo to to build a concept/model to operationalize training across OWASP Chapters. As soon as the model is ready and approved it will be tested with training at OWASP London Chapter. The model has been created and the first course has already happened. This issue has been closed.
OWASP Top Ten Project's
  • [Ref=09_Issue_Apr10]
  • Task owner: Paulo & Dinis
The 2010's Top 10 version has been launched and needs to be reviewed. Jason has volunteered to be GPC's reviewer. Brad has assumed the task of contacting Matt Tesauro to see if he would like to act as reviewer. - Has Jason begun his review?

- Has Matt been contacted and been asked if he can be Top Ten's reviewer? (Brad's task)

Category re-naming
  • [Ref=10_Issue_Apr10]
  • Task owner: Paulo
Renaming of OWASP Projects category to allow alphabetical sorting. This has been done. This issue has been closed.
Description Aditional Info Decisions/Comments Follow Up
-Reviewers Drive
  • [Ref=01_Issue_Jan10]
  • Task owner: Brad & Paulo
- The proposed templates have been finished.

- Please note the second table is still being populated.
- A text to be used as Reviewers Drive's overview is being needed - volunteers?

The column 'Projects I would be interested in reviewing' has been changed to allow it receiving text. Has Brad drafted a Reviewer Drive's Overview?
No yet. Work in progress.
- OWASP Project Details Tab's review.
  • [Ref=02_Issue_Jan10]
  • Task owner: Jason
- This task has been assumed by Jason, Dinis.

- See detailed info on the templates set.
- See also Jason's the methodology explanation.
- Jason will continue working on it to finished up a couple of questions still open and to document all the process.
- As soon as the OWASP Project Details Tab has been reviewed it will be spreaded through ALL OWASP Projects.
- Throughout last week, Dinis has also been working on this issue as well.

Jason informed the template review has been finished and the documentation is still to be done. - Has Jason built documentation up?

- Has Dinis worked as well to improve the template?
- Has Paulo tried and used the new template?

- Paulo has used the Security Ecosystem Project to set up the new Project Details. Dinis and Paulo have reviewed all the process and will begin spreading the new template.

- For future reference: Mike Boberski has new questions about the Project Details tab that we should have into account.

Progress has been made - see here - but work still needs to be done.
- Projects under review.
  • [Ref=03_Issue_Jan10]
  • Task owner: Matt, Dinis, Brad.
- Please pay special attention to the delayed ones.
Neither Dinis or Brad have made significant progresses. We don't know about Matt. - Has Dinis contacted the Content Validation using Java Annotations Project leader?

- Has Brad contacted the EnDe Project leader?
- Matt please report on progress made regarding Content Validation using Java Annotations Project review.

Brad has made some progress, although he hasn't uploaded his review yet.

Dinis has asked to be replaced has reviewer. Matt wasn't present.

- OWASP services outsourcing bids' wiki page.
  • [Ref=05_Issue_Jan10]
  • Task owner: Brad
- Regarding the creation of covers for OWASP Books, Brad has proposed we move the process to a volunteer, without buying the source files. This question has triggered the decision of creating a wiki page to support OWASP services outsourcing bids.

- Brad has assumed this task.

- Brad will produce a draft for GPC review.

- Brad will upload the collected information.

- Has Brad written a draft and uploaded the collected information?
The GPC has concluded that there aren't enough information available to complete the task. The issue has been closed
- Wiki Expert & Content Creation Expert's Job Description.
  • [Ref=06_Issue_Jan10]
  • Task owner: TBD
- Job description to support the recruitment of two new GPC members

- Jeff, who had previously assumed this task, couldn't find the spare cycles to finished this up.

- Due to the shortage of meeting attendance wasn't possible to find a volunteer to assume this task. - GPC needs one of its members to assume this task which currently orphaned.
GPC has decided to invite Tom Brenann to assume the task.
Meeting Attendance
Dinis, Brad, Justin, Paulo