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GPC Agenda 2009-10-19

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Previous meetings and Dial-in details

see GPC Meetings for previous GPC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details


Current Meeting

From Previous Meeting/Follow up

  • Honorary memberships to be given to "active" OWASP participants (chapter leader, project participants, etc.). Chapter and projects committees to submit proposal for persons to be given membership:
    • Community's adhesion has been very limited if any - See the "OWASP Projects Dashboard",
    • It seems we haven't been clear and confused project leaders with the distinction between "contributors" and ""past_leaders_special_contributions" - Action must be taken.
    • We need to add a column in the "OWASP Projects Dashboard" to show "current" contributors.

  • Spreading OWASP Project Details Tab through ALL OWASP Projects.
  • Waiting until we (Jason's task?) come up with revised&improved wiki code to either link project with release and to consider the below referred,
    • Consider having a single release roadmap page that is not attached to a single version but instead is the summation of the various release roadmaps.
      • The single page is easier for project leaders to find/edit
      • The single page would show the progression of the project to external audiences
      • Makes the release roadmap very similar to a changelog - which is more useful if its in one place rather then in bits attached to releases.

  • Committee members' evaluation process.
    • "GPC - Send 'Individual Committee Member' online form".

Issues for next Meeting

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  • Meeting started 10PM/GMT+1
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