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GPC Agenda 2009-05-01

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  • Determine exit criteria for SoC
  • Determine "core criteria" for projects (assessment frame)
  • Determine nomenclature for L0/L1/L2 for projects and L1/L2/L3 for releases
  • Discuss entrance criteria to L2 for projects (if time permits)
    • Present "Project Health" proposal:
      • Define project "health" characteristics (e.g., frequency of releases, adoption rate, etc)
      • Entrance criteria into L2 is 50% of the "health" characteristics
      • Entrance criteria into L3 is 100% of the "health" characteristics (or board/GPC discretion?)
      • In general, projects will not backslide from L2 to L1 or L1 to L0; projects will move in and out of L3
  • Discuss entrance criteria for "archived" projects (if time permits)

Action Items

  • Jason will summarize survey results and present at Monday's meeting


Action Items