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(Meeting started 9pm GMT)

  • Board has voted and approved creating OWASP Grant framework. SoC will operate as a specialized initiative under the Grant framework. GPC will take existing SoC Framework and generalize it to create OWASP Grant Framework. Grant framework will be applied to all grants (including things like ESAPI and ISWG).
  • Board has voted and approved on reserving a space on every project page that will be under the control of the GPC/Board to organize information about the project and its quality status
  • Board has voted and approved that SoC will be launched at OWASP AppSec Europe 2009
  • Board has voted and approved action to reclaim inactive projects for new owners (or for removal) pending an additional two weeks for project updates.
  • Board has voted and approved proposal to evaluate projects across versions and status (Project Governance)
  • Project contributors will be for specific versions. This allows contributors to remain recognized for their work, but keeps the contributions relevant for recent versions
  • Release tables need to be added to encapsulate release assessments
  • GPC will explore creating a pool of reviewer (incentives, roles, etc)
  • GPC will send out periodic meeting notes to leader's list to keep everyone apprised of what we're doing

(Meeting ended 10pm GMT)

Action Items

  • Jason will send out an email to project leaders with a list of projects that have yet to provide an update and warn of impending two week window (4 May 2009)
  • Jason will solicit leader's list for suggestions for OWASP Projects
  • Jason will send out a meeting summary to leader's list
  • GPC needs to finalize:
    • Assessment criteria
    • Generalize grant framework
    • Project frame

GPC 20 Apr 2009 Milestone

  • Matt will take assessment criteria and divide it into Project Status and Release Quality items
  • Leo will add document items to assessment criteria
  • Jason will abstract out the grant framework

GPC 27 Apr 2009 Milestone

  • After assessment criteria has been properly divided, GPC will work to create project tables and release tables