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GPC Agenda 2009-03-23

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Items to cover:

  • Project Criteria v2.0
  • Google SoC Update (rejected)
  • Project surveys update
  • Project Template discussion (Mike Boberski)

Action Items

  • Jason will send an email to the leaders list soliciting more owners to complete their project update
  • Pravir will follow up with Google to try and find out why our application was rejected
  • Matt/Leo/Paulo will add documentation criteria to new Project Criteria
  • Matt will further divide Project Criteria checklist for qualities that are inherent to projects, and qualities that are inherent to releases/deliverables
  • Jason/Paulo will work on a new project table
  • Paulo will research how many SoC 2008 projects made the original deadline


Start: 2200 GMT

  • Need to apply Project Assessment Criteria to deliveries rather than projects. By distinguishing between projects and deliverables, we can still have "release quality" projects that are "inactive". This also addresses Projects that are not either "tools" or "docs" - project itself will be subject to certain criteria and the deliverables will be subject to the appropriate criteria.
  • Need some vocabulary to describe projects vs. releases/deliverables
  • Need to launch SoC by May 1st; projects chosen by June 1st to allow enough time for projects to build before OWASP Summit in Jan 2010
  • Decrease delay in action by requesting comments directly on email instead of waiting for calls
  • Proposal to projects that don't fall under Tools or Docs will, as part of their proposal, identify criteria that applies to their project

End: 2345 GMT