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Meeting Details

Dial-In: 1-866-534-4754 (code: 192341)

When: Thursday, July 28th @ 14:00 GMT (based on member availability)

Held in July due to multiple members attending Blackhat in August


  • Updated SourceForge Proposal
    • Without CI Integration, price drops 38% (which puts it within reach of existing GPC budget)
    • SourceForge to become Corporate OWASP Member
    • Proposed priority:
      • Stand up OWASP SF Neighborhood (ASAP)
      • Project Template Support (mid-August)
      • Project Display Macros (early-September)
      • Aggregate Stats Display (late-October)
  • Projects Handbook Community Feedback underway (closes Aug 5th)
  • AppSecUSA Working Session
    • Propose Sept 19-21
    • Tentative agenda:
      • Strategic Decision: select graphic design for projects portal layout, project page template, project documentation template
      • High Level Policy: ???
      • Grunt Work: Migrate existing wiki pages to SourceForge
  • OWASP Award Nominations
    • OWASP Awards will be presented at AppSecUSA to recognize top contributors to OWASP
    • Each committee has been asked to nominate three individuals
    • Guidance is to nominate within our area of responsibility (i.e. recognize project contributors), but any OWASP community member is eligible