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Meeting Details

Dial-In: 1-866-534-4754 (code: 192341)

When: Friday, May 13th @ 20:15 GMT (based on member availability)




  • Jason Li (Chair)
  • Chris Schmidt (Committee Member)
  • Justin Searle (Committee Member)
  • Keith Turpin (Committee Member)
  • Paulo Coimbra (Projects Manager)
  • Kate Hartmann (Director of Operations)
  • Sarah Baso (GPC Working Session Support)


  • Finalized logistics for GPC Working Session @ AppSecEU
    • Reserved group rate @ Capital Trinity Hotel
    • Reserved board meeting room @ Capital Trinity Hotel
    • Jason, Chris, Sarah, Justin, and Keith to arrive Sunday
  • Tentative Working Session Agenda:
    • Mon 6/5 afternoon: review project hosting proposals and select an appropriate service provider; determine initial design of OWASP Projects Portal
    • Tue 6/6 morning: finalize draft of OWASP Project Handbook - which will include criteria for the various levels of OWASP projects and processes surrounding them
    • Tue 6/6 afternoon: strategize methodology for grandfathering existing projects into new guidelines
    • Wed 6/7 all day: apply strategy and re-categorize all existing OWASP projects under new guidelines
  • Planned Working Session Deliverables:
    • Working Session proceedings
    • OWASP Projects Handbook
    • OWASP Projects Infrastructure Decision
    • Projects Inventory