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* Jason Li (chair)
* Jason Li (chair)
* Justin Searle (Committee Member)
* Justin Searle (Committee Member)
* Paulo Coimbra (Projects Manager)

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Meeting Details

Dial-In: 1-866-534-4754 (code: 192341)

When: Friday, April 1st @ 18:00 GMT (based on member availability)


Old Business

Action items from last meeting:

  • ESAPI PHP project leadership outreach (Chris)
  • Project management workflow (Jason/Paulo)
  • Licensing issues overview (Justin)
  • OWASP Enterprise outline/highlights (Justin/Chris)
  • Leveraging Google Moderator or other meeting tools (Jason)

Items Requiring Vote

Discussion Items



  • Jason Li (chair)
  • Justin Searle (Committee Member)
  • Paulo Coimbra (Projects Manager)


  1. Lack of quorum due to confusion over time zone
  2. "Official" meeting canceled due to lack of attendance
  3. Justin updated Jason on his research on licensing models

Action Items

  1. Ensure time-zone clarity in scheduling future meetings