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Meeting Details

Dial-In: 1-866-534-4754 (code: 192341)

When: Friday, April 1st @ 18:00 GMT (based on member availability)


  • Confirmation of new committee member (vote required)
  • Addition of "Presumption of Assent" clause to GPC Governance (vote required)
  • Old Business
    • ESAPI PHP project leadership outreach (Chris)
    • Project management workflow (Jason/Paulo)
    • Licensing issues overview (Justin)
    • OWASP Enterprise outline/highlights (Justin/Chris)
    • Leveraging Google Moderator or other meeting tools (Jason)
  • Finalize Hosting RFP (vote required)
  • Incubator Project qualities
  • Labs Project qualities
  • Mainstream Project qualities
  • Current Projects Status
    • Projects Awaiting GPC Action
    • Outstanding Requests by Project Leaders