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Meeting Details

Dial-In: 1-866-534-4754 (code: 192341)

When: Monday, March 7th @ 21:00 GMT (based on member availability)



Meeting started: 21:00 GMT

Meeting adjourned: 23:00 GMT


  • Jason Li (Chair)
  • Brad Causey (Committee Member)
  • Chris Schmidt (Committee Member)
  • Justin Searle (Committee Member)
  • Larry Casey (Committee Member)
  • Keith Turpin (Committee Member)
  • Paulo Coimbra (Projects Manager)
  • Kate Hartmann (Director of Operations)
  • Sarah Baso (observer)


  1. Budget will be presented to Board by Jason
  2. PayPal Donation button should be incorporated into project homepage template
  3. Need to flesh out project migration strategy for projects to OWASP hosting
  4. Need to streamline or remove the release review process while still preserving the value of the process
  5. Projects don't all need to be "enterprise ready" (currently the intention of "Mainstream"), but they don't necessarily want to be associated with "Labs". There's a difference between a stable project (e.g. Top 10) and a project that's willing to be "enterprise ready". Enterprise-ready projects need support staff and productization. New separate stage ("OWASP Enterprise")
  6. Need a coverage map of OWASP projects to identify areas where OWASP is weak


  1. Chris, Justin and Larry have been formally seated as GPC members; Keith is awaiting additional nominations and has been named a provisional member
  2. LiveCD 2007 project page should be archived and marked inactive with reference pointer to current LiveCD (WTE) project
  3. Any approval step in the Incubator/Labs processes of the OWASP Projects Lifecycle will have an rolling approval window (i.e. if GPC does not take action within X time, it is automatically approved). This compromise prevents the GPC from becoming a bottleneck. Note this policy places extra burden on the GPC to get things right.

Action Items

  1. Chris will reach out to ESAPI PHP project about project leadership
  2. Jason will work with Paulo to identify aspects of his workflow that can be automated
  3. Justin will research licensing issues for Projects and what would be involved in a license change (Sarah has volunteered to be a resource)
  4. Justin/Chris will sketch out an addition to the lifecycle process ("OWASP Enterprise")
  5. Jason will identify tools to help improve committee calls (e.g. Google Moderator, "talking stick")
  6. Jason will send Doodle for April meeting