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Adopted January 2011


The purpose of the OWASP Global Projects Committee (GPC) is to foster an active OWASP developer community, facilitate contributions from OWASP community members, and encourage adoption of OWASP Projects by the global community at large. Additionally, the GPC shall provide support and direction for new projects.


The GPC shall be comprised of at most seven representatives as nominated by the OWASP membership in compliance with the standard committee nomination process. Once a Member has been nominated to the committee, the current members shall vote on that Member’s application. If approved, the committee shall submit the application to the OWASP Board for final approval before sitting a new committee Member. Every twelve months upon sitting a committee Member, the GPC will vote to confirm that committee member for continued membership.


The GPC Members shall elect a Chair to serve a term of one year starting with the first meeting of each calendar year.



Members are responsible for:

  • Attending at least 75% of the regular scheduled meetings.
  • Performing project reviews on a rotating basis as needed.
  • Voting on all formal decisions.
  • Stating their intention to reaffirm their commitment to the GPC every twelve months.


The Chair is responsible for:

  • Attending or delegating a GPC Member to all OWASP Board Meetings.
  • Scheduling and conducting GPC Regular Meetings.
  • Managing the GPC Budget.
  • Ensuring meeting minutes are provided.

Regular Meetings

A regular meeting of the GPC shall be held at least once a month. Meetings will be scheduled based on the availability of the majority of the committee Members. Meetings may be conducted virtually, but the GPC must meet in person at least twice per year. Meetings shall be scheduled at least one week in advance and will be open for any OWASP community member to attend.

A majority of the number of elected GPC Members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of official GPC business. If quorum is not established, the chair may adjourn the meeting.


Minutes of the meeting shall be recorded by the chair, or a designee, and made available to all OWASP members.


Any GPC Member can request a vote on an action. Any action taken by the GPC shall be decided by the majority (50% + 1) of the quorum. Voting will generally occur during regular meetings.

Conflict of Interest

No GPC Member shall be permitted to vote on matters involving a project they are leading or any self identified matter where the objectivity of the Member may be in question. Any conflict of interest shall be entered into the minutes.

Removal From Committee

A committee Member may be removed when:

  • The Member participates in less than 50% of regular meetings in a calendar year
  • The Member does not participate in any regular meetings in a 90 day period without providing prior notice to the chair
  • A motion for removal is approved via a unanimous vote of the other committee Members

The Chair may be removed at any time by a majority vote of the other committee Members. A new temporary Chair shall immediately be elected to complete the term of the outgoing Chair.