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GEC Agenda 2010-08-25

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Please see GEC Meetings for previous GEC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details

AGENDA - August 25th, 2010
Item/Issue Decisions/Comments Made
Current Meeting
  • Sebastien
    • he is busy with a OWASP training day in Paris, scheduled for 2011 Jan/Feb
    • There is still a subject about French speakers, material in English should not be a problem
  • Eduardo
    • He is busy with Educational material
    • in Brazil it's hard to reach the universities therefore he is trying out to reach out via the companies
    • his is working on a project about the correlation within the economic growth on the BRICs and the increase of cyber crime based. As a result, a new OWASP Project will be proposed to 2011 in order to allow people on use the Educational Resources to make more secure software and also use software in a more secure fashion
  • Martin
    • He is busy with organizing the BeNeLux day, scheduled for december 2010
    • the meeting will be two days. First day a training day and the second day as conference
    • in the Netherlands, it's hard to reach the universities, too.
    • The CTF project (current CTF application) has been used at the OWASP AppSec-Eu 2010 and will be used for the

 Sebastien will ping Paulo in September to setup the Paris Training Pages

Meeting Attendance


  • Dinis Cruz
  • Eduardo Neves
  • Sebastien Gioria
  • Martin Knobloch

Not Attending:

  • Kuai Hinjosa
  • Mano Paul
  • Cecil Su
  • Fabio Cerullo
  • Andrzej Targosz
  • Nishi Kumar
Meeting Notes