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GCC Agenda 2009-09-29

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From Previous Meeting

  • Proxy voting mechanism for chapters with no chapter leader present?

Current Meeting

  • Preparation DC Summit
  • Overview inactive chapters
  • Chapter survey (Matt/Seba)
  • Call for mentors (Seba)
  • Chapter handbook (Ofer)
  • Chapter governance (extended version of the rules)
  • Chapter success criteria?

Action points for next Meeting

  • Add here


  • Meeting started 5PM/GMT
  • Chapter survey (Matt/Seba) - do we have a questionnaire tool (google doc form / survey monkey)? anonymous or named (latter preferred)?
    • Only forty active chapters / inactive chapter contacts?
    • different survey for (in)active chapters (use questions from to get the status of the inactive ones)
    • try to have the survey ready (drafted) by Nov 11
    • ALL: shoot an e-mail to Matt with question ideas
  • Chapter handbook (Ofer)
    • New version online - mail to leaders list (Ofer)
  • Proxy voting mechanism for chapters with no chapter leader present?
    • vote per chapter board member / chapter leader /or one vote per chapter? For 2009: one vote per chapter. Proxy: per e-mail (with confirmation - to prevent spoofing) prior Nov 10 (starting on day when all candidates are known). One vote per chapter leader. (seba to contact Dan who's working on the voting process)
  • DC summit:
    • chapter handbook
    • survey results
    • goals: revive inactive meetings (new active chapter leaders + provide guidance) - grow # active chapters (at least 2 meetings per year) + put 'scoring' system on that.
  • Call for mentors (Seba)
  • Chapter governance (extended version of the rules) = Life cycle = cookbook chapter (Ofer)
  • Handling money (Seba to add stuff to the handbook)
  • Chapter success criteria: organize meetings / getting people actively involved in OWASP (I18N, translations...)