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* 17:00 --> ??? Cocktails, etc.
* 17:00 --> ??? Cocktails, etc.
===[[Planning Notes & Planner Contact Info|Planning Notes & Planner Contact Info]]===
===[[FRWASS08_Planner_Contacts|Planner Contact Info]]===
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Front Range Web Application Security Summit Planning

The purpose of this page is to provide a workspace for Denver/Boulder OWASP members to collaborate and plan the upcoming Front Range Web Application Security Summit, tentatively scheduled for May 2008

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Front Range Web Application Security Summit is to provide a one-day workshop/conference during which individuals and organizations interested in Web Application Security can congregate to transfer knowledge, increase awareness of application layer security in the enterprise, and meet other like minded individuals.

Guiding Principles
No vendor soap boxes
Open, friendly environment
High quality content

Proposed Summit Agenda

Planner Contact Info

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