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Front Range OWASP Conference 2016/Presentations

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Here are the presentations from speakers at SnowFROC 2016. If you can't find it, it's because the speaker hasn't uploaded it or chose not to share it...

Jeremiah Grossman's slideshare page with all his decks

File:SnowFROC 2016- Taking AppSec to 11.pdf "Taking AppSec to 11: AppSec Pipelines, DevOps and Making Things Better" by Matt Tesauro (Optimizing an AppSec Program)

File:Chrastil snowfroc2016 web101.ppt "Web App Testing 101" by Danny Chrastil

File:Earle SnowFROC2016-FalsePositives-Earle.pptx "False Positives in Static Analysis: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" by Andy Earle

File:Hoopes Deserialization-SnowFROC16.pptx "Deserialization Demystified" by Mark Hoopes

File:MaxSobell SnowFROC16 - IoT BBQ.pptx "IoT BBQ" by Max Sobell

File:DestinationsAndRoutes20160217a.ppt by Andy Lewis (Career planning & goal setting)

File:SnowFROC kiosk20160218 ISSAMega.pptx "The Kiosk deck that ran before the con & during lunch" by Andy Lewis

File:SnowFROC WelcomeDeck20160218 ISSA 2.pptx "The kickoff deck" by Andy Lewis