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Front Range OWASP Conference 2016/Presentations

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File:SnowFROC 2016- Taking AppSec to 11.pdf "Taking AppSec to 11: AppSec Pipelines, DevOps and Making Things Better" by Matt Tesauro (Optimizing an AppSec Program)

Jeremiah Grossman's slideshare page with all his decks

File:Chrastil snowfroc2016 web101.ppt "Web App Testing 101" by Danny Chrastil

File:Earle SnowFROC2016-FalsePositives-Earle.pptx "False Positives in Static Analysis: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" by Andy Earle

File:Hoopes Deserialization-SnowFROC16.pptx "Deserialization Demystified" by Mark Hoopes

File:MaxSobell SnowFROC16 - IoT BBQ.pptx "IoT BBQ" by Max Sobell

File:DestinationsAndRoutes20160217a.ppt by Andy Lewis (Career planning & goal setting)

File:SnowFROC kiosk20160218 ISSAMega.pptx "The Kiosk deck that ran before the con & during lunch" by Andy Lewis

File:SnowFROC WelcomeDeck20160218 ISSA 2.pptx "The kickoff deck" by Andy Lewis