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Front Range OWASP Conference 2013/Presentations/CustomerService

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Linking Security to Business Value in the Customer Service Industry

The value of trust cannot be understated when discussing Superior Customer Service.

"The main benefit of trust is customer loyalty, which in turn leads to a longer term relationship, greater share of wallet, and higher advocacy or word of mouth. Results from our consumer survey show that emotional and rational trust drive between 22% and 44% of customer loyalty." - Study by ESCP Europe Business School

Privacy protection is a pillar of trust. Studies show PRIVACY is of paramount importance to consumers and is growing in importance. A 2012 Ponemon Institute study on the “Most trusted companies on privacy” found that while the importance of privacy has grown over the last seven years, the loss of control over privacy has also grown as well.

The Call Center industry is at the confluence of these competing social and business priorities. On the one hand, the customer service representative (CSR) must engender competence and trustworthiness and on the other hand CSR must ask the caller for a credit card number or social security number, the most private and personal valuable pieces of information a consumer possesses.

Where there is a gap in expectations between consumers and businesses, there is an opportunity for business to differentiate themselves and fill the gap and win market share. This opportunity is being realized by emerging technology designed to satisfy Compliance standards as well as real consumer demand for privacy protections.

Call Centers as well as other types of businesses that can address consumers demand for privacy protections can improve their long term bottom line through TRUST and customer loyalty.

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