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[[Media:Weaver.pdf | Slides]]
[[Media:Weaver.pdf | Slides]]
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[ Video]

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Angry Cars: Hacking the "Car as Platform"

Renault announced "what it describes as a 'tablet,' an integrated Android device built into its next range of cars, effectively opening the way to the car-as-a-platform. The car is becoming a new platform. We need developers to work on apps." Not to be left behind Ford has introduced the OpenXC platform, which it sees as a channel for collaboration between Ford and 3rd party application developers.

What role will security play in shaping this newly emerging technology, when your car can tweet it needs an oil change? Cars rely heavily on small embedded microprocessors running on a network that was never designed to be secure. This talk will look at the current technologies used CAN bus, OBDII, and tire pressure monitoring systems and demonstrate their inherent weaknesses. What should be considered in the future when most cars will be connected to the Internet?

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