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DevOps and Security: It's Happening. Right Now.<br>
DevOps and Security: It's Happening. Right Now.<br>
*[[Media:Bravo.pptx | Slides]]
*[[Media:Bravo.pptx | Slides]]
*[ Video]
Real World Cloud Application Security<br>
Real World Cloud Application Security<br>
*[[Media:Chan.pptx | Slides]]
*[[Media:Chan.pptx | Slides]]

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2013 presentations

Keynote Address: Data Protection for the 21st Century
Panel Discussion

Technical Track
DevFu: The inner ninja in every application developer

Adventures in Large Scale HTTP Header Abuse

Angry Cars: Hacking the "Car as Platform"

DevOps and Security: It's Happening. Right Now.

Real World Cloud Application Security

Deep-Dive Track
SIP Based Cloud Instances

How Malware Attacks Web Applications

Top Ten Web Application Defenses

A Demo of and Preventing XSS in .NET Applications

Data Mining a Mountain of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Management Track
Digital Bounty Hunters - Decoding Bug Bounty Programs

Linking Security to Business Value in the Customer Service Industry

Using SaaS and the Cloud to Secure the SDLC

Measuring Security Best Practices With Open SAMM

Defending Desktop (.NET/C#) Applications: Mitigating in the Dark (A Case Study Remix)

Legal Track
Electronic Discovery for System Administrators

Legal Issues of Forensics in the Cloud

CISPA: Why Privacy Advocates Hate This Legislation

Crafting a Plan for When Security Fails

Information Control: The Critical Need for a Defensible Position - Securing the Information Ecosystem

Previous conferences

2012 presentations are available here.