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Feb 2, 2010

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Present: Dinis, Matt, Jeff, Seba, Eoin

Absent: Tom, Dave

Old Businness:

Matt to Coordinate with Larry and Dinis regarding the RFQ questions.

Material is in for Annual Report. First draft will be available by the end of the week.

2009 Financial Results: the funds that have been designated to the local chapters are still considered "assests" by the foundation. How can this be reflected in the budget numbers to reduce the loss by the $43K sent to the local chapters.

OWASP - Alerts mailing list - Connections committee with Dinis will facilitate

OWASP - Mailman - Email will be sent to leader's list for volunteers and ideas on how to move to Google groups or some other mailing list process. (Jeff and Dinis) Dinis to look at stack and/or stack exchange

EBay Store voted yes.

Should OWASP extend the membership model(40/60 split) to projects and committee members. Board voted yes.