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FROC2010 Abstract Roberts

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The Presentation: "Real life CSI: Data Mining and Intelligence Gathering for the masses"

The ability to preemptively identify and detail multiple electronic data elements on behalf of targets across a wide range of the Internet’s varied data stores is still something that is beyond may organizations capabilities, however with the increasing use of background intelligence in both penetration testing and attacks on organizations and their infrastructure it’s something we all need to be aware of, understand and be capable of performing rudimentary analysis of available data.

This presentation will discuss various target areas of the Internet carrying standard web traffic, newsgroups, IRC/ICQ channels, message boards, archives and other data elements in both native English as well as other languages where applicable and how to both gather and effectively analyze the information.

We will examine the digital footprints left behind by the targets and organizations and explore methods for retrieval and investigation. We will look at the approaches to retrieving passive and active data elements and how to connect the sources and various elements under review. This review will include the ever increasing use of Social Media sites (LinkedIn 45M+ Facebook 100M+ users) and the use of other digital media formats.

We will review the entire presentation in both theory and “real world” examples, obviously we will discuss technologies for retrieval, access, indexing and searching through the masses of collected information. We’ll look at some of the successes and some of the pitfalls of building your own intelligence system, how it relates to current DLP solutions, and we can take a look at why Goggle isn’t the solution.

The Speaker: Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts, as co-founder and Electronic Intelligence/Principal Investigator for Cyopsis and founder and researcher for One World Labs heads teams of cyber security professionals specializing in assessment and forensic investigation and runs a research laboratory. He brings a wealth of knowledge, technical expertise, leadership and analytical skills gained from eighteen years experience in information technology. With a focus on information security, his professional experience includes such roles as Information Security Officer, Director of Engineering and Architecture, CTO and Technical Architect, leader of IT Security Architecture and Security Project Management within over 25 of the fortune 100 companies. Chris’s background in security assessment and vulnerability testing includes penetration testing, compromise investigation, analysis and documentation. He has developed and implemented company-wide information security awareness programs and frequently speaks and gives presentations on topical security issues.

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