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FROC2010 Abstract McClellan

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The Presentation: "Building a Secure, Compliant Cloud for the Enterprise"

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing has very quickly grown from an exotic concept to a known solution, with countless successful implementations. However, concerns remain about some aspects of clouds. Security and regulatory compliance are at the top of the list. When properly managed and configured, a cloud solution can be as safe, secure and compliant as any in-house solution running on dedicated servers.

This session will address the sources of confusion as they apply to IaaS implementations and outline the practices and technologies available to keep clouds safe and compliant in the areas where they do have unique vulnerabilities and requirements.

The Speaker: Craig McLellan, CTO @

As chief technology officer of, Craig McLellan is responsible for the Product Management and Product Engineering function as well as the design and development of the company’s business and operational support systems.

Prior to joining Craig was responsible for the operation of SunGard’s managed service business in Canada.

Prior to SunGard Craig was with Inflow Inc., a national IT services provider headquartered in Denver, CO. At Inflow Craig was responsible for product management, of which a key effort involved the development and launch of Inflow’s business continuity services.

Prior to Inflow, Craig was part of the founding team of Managed Storage International (“MSI”), one of the industry’s first storage service providers. At MSI, Craig was responsible for the distributed storage service line of business.

Craig has over 20 years experience working with companies to address complex systems integration initiatives and to design and deploy high-availability application infrastructure throughout North America and Europe.

Craig has a MBA from the University of Toronto Rotman School of Business.

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