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Educational Academic Services

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Activity Name Educational Academic Services.
Short Description Reach out to Academic Institutions worldwide
Related Projects Education Project
Email Contacts & Roles Primary
Kuai Hinojosa
Andrzej Targosz
Mailing list

1) Encourage academic institutions to provide meeting space at least 2x per year and include OWASP in the education awareness & curriculum to students
2) Encourage students to apply for OWASP Grants and provide a support structure
3) Encourage faculty, staff and students to participate in local and international events/meetings and contribute to OWASP projects

Current Status
Incorporating OWASP into the following top 5 Universities, within the next 12 months by introducing OWASP training and education resources at University's events.
1) New York University
2) Cornell University
3) Princeton University
4) University of Minnesota
5) Columbia University

Organize OWASP EU Roadshow by Polish Universities to promote conference and OWASP. We are gonna to set it up on April 2009.

  • 'TODO



Engaged 3 Universities at this time

  • So far I have been able to attract NYU-Poly, NKU, UCI and DSU. I am still working on my targeted Universities.

We need to engage some Unversities from EU.

 *Education Project
*Training materials
About to pilot OWASP U series of podcast - This will be a series of education podcasts with demos of OWASP tools and interviews of influential members of Universities, similar to itunes U.