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Education/Free Training

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The following courses either have been offered or are being offered free of charge courtesy of the trainers and the OWASP Foundation to anyone interested in learning about application security. Additionally, the training slides/coursework is available under an open source license and we encourage you to use it to set up your own training event!

If you are interested in setting up a training event through OWASP, submit your request here, we also have funding available to community members who may need help with travel, a venue or other logistics to get the event up and running. Click here for more information.

Here are some general guidelines we have set up for free training courses within the OWASP Community:

  1. Use free and local when possible - donated venues or universities as well as trainers that are near by will help save on overhead costs
  2. Use open source training materials - we ask that you make your training materials available after the course, preferably in an editable format
  3. Use OWASP template for slides and keep any company branding to one bio slide
  4. Do an open call for training when possible to avoid giving preference to any one vendor/trainer and give others in the community a chance to participate
  5. If possible, do the training in a way and time that doesn't compete with paid training (especially at Global AppSec Conferences)

Training Courses, Trainer Data, and Material
Training Name/Topic Trainer Name(s) Training Materials Training Location Training Date Number of Attendees
Application Security – Where do I start? Jim Manico, Eoin Keary, Michael Coates Training Slides Jillians
San Francisco, CA
Feb 24, 2014 200
Application Security – Where do I start? Jim Manico, Eoin Keary How_Do_I_Approach_Application_Security-1.pptx RSA 2013 EU, RSA 2013 USA, Lascon 2013