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ESAPI.NET Build Troubleshooting

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Finding the MS AntiXSS Library

The Esapi.csproj file from SVN has a hint path for the AntiXSS module which probably will not work in your environment. Thus on my system after loading the project, and expanding the references tab in Solution Explorer, there was an exclamation mark next to AntiXSSLibrary and attempts to build the Esapi bailed out.

To resolve this, click on the AntiXSSLibrary reference, and then go down and click on the Path option and set it to the location on your filesystem where the

On my system this is: "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Information Security\Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library v3.1\Library\AntiXSSLibrary.dll"

Fixing the FXCop Path

I also noticed that after successful builds, I'd get errors about VS being unable to find the FxCopCmd.exe binary.

Find FxCopCmd.exe on your system, and then click on the Properties pages for the Esapi, EsapiTest and Swingset projects, and click on Build Events. Modify the post build event command line to refer to the proper location of your installed FxCopCmd.exe, or just delete it or rem it out if you don't want to run FxCop after each successful build.

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