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EJB Bad Practices: Use of Sockets

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#REDIRECT Failure to follow guideline/specification

Last revision (mm/dd/yy): 05/29/2009


The program violates the Enterprise JavaBeans specification by listening on a socket or accept connections on a socket. However it can act as a network socket client.

The Enterprise JavaBeans specification requires that every bean provider follow a set of programming guidelines designed to ensure that the bean will be portable and behave consistently in any EJB container [1].

In this case, the program violates the following EJB guideline:

 "An enterprise bean must not attempt to listen on a socket, accept connections on a socket, or use a socket for multicast."

A requirement that the specification justifies in the following way:

 "The EJB architecture allows an enterprise bean instance to be a network socket client, but it does not allow it to be 
 a network server. Allowing the instance to become a network server would conflict with the basic function of the 
 enterprise bean – to serve the EJB clients."

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