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Denver August 2010 meeting

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Wednesday 18 August 2010, 6pm @

Clint Pollock: "Protecting Your Applications from Backdoors"

How to Secure Your Business Critical Applications from Time Bombs, Backdoors & Data

With the increasing practice of outsourcing and using 3rd party libraries, it is nearly impossible for an enterprise to identify the pedigree and security of the software running its business critical applications. As a result backdoors and malicious code are increasingly becoming the prevalent attack vector used by hackers.

Whether you manage internal development activities, work with third party developers or are developing a COTS application for enterprise, your mandate is clear- safeguard your code and make applications security a priority for internal and external development teams.

In this session we will cover;

  • Prevalence of backdoors and malicious code in third party attacks
  • Definitions and classifications of backdoors and their impact on your applications
  • Methods to identify, track and remediate these vulnerabilities

Presenter: Clint Pollock

Clint Pollock is a Senior Solutions Architect at Veracode. Since 1997, he has also created security solutions for large-scale enterprise environments on behalf of CREDANT Technologies and Netegrity. In his current role, Clint helps globally distributed organizations evaluate, track, and mitigate their application security risk. Clint’s greatest strengths are his enthusiasm, experience and determination to help customers succeed in maintaining secure, compliant systems, and avoid the consequences and bad headlines that come with application security breaches. Clint resides in Chicago, IL.


  • 6pm: Pizza & pop, courtesy of
  • 6:30pm: Introduction and Chapter business
  • 6:45pm --> 8pm: Presentation

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