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Data Structure Issues

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A vulnerability is a weakness in an application (frequently a broken or missing control) that enables an attack to succeed. Be sure you don't put [attacks] or [controls] in this category.

  1. Start with a one-sentence description of the vulnerability
  2. What is the problem that creates the vulnerability?
  3. What are the attacks that target this vulnerability?
  4. What are the technical impacts of this vulnerability?

Risk Factors

  • Talk about the factors that make this vulnerability likely or unlikely to actually happen
  • Discuss the technical impact of a successful exploit of this vulnerability
  • Consider the likely [business impacts] of a successful attack


Short example name

A short example description, small picture, or sample code with links

Short example name

A short example description, small picture, or sample code with links

Related Attacks

Related Vulnerabilities

Related Controls

Related Technical Impacts


Note: A reference to related CWE or CAPEC article should be added when exists. Eg: