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Cornucopia - Ecommerce Website - W Joker A

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Cornucopia - Ecommerce Website W Joker A.png

Suit: Wild Card

Card/Value: Joker


Alice can utilize the application to attack users' systems and data.

Technical Note:

Consider how the application's normal functionality might be used to the disbenefit of another application, of some or all users, of another party, or even of society. This may include:

  • Performing denial of service.
  • Hosting/distribution of unapproved content (e.g. videos, photos, malware).
  • Generating of spam messages.
  • Hosting unapproved application code (e.g. as a command and control server, or as a bot).
  • Reflecting an attack against another system.
  • Attacking another internal system (e.g. databases, internal network).


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