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Competition is an interaction between individuals from the same species or different species (Human, animal or vegetal) who dispute something. This dispute may be for food, for territory, for light, for employment, for female, for male and so on. So the competition is an incentive for self-improvement, it is necessary to overcome the expectations to win it. The competition can be destructive, when the individual/group/organism seeks to benefit by damaging/eliminating competing or cooperative, when there is improvement of their level by the manner through peaceful exchange and without violating other people.

Risk Factors

A competitor can try to discovery your new product and introduce to the market first than you. Or try to get the secret information about your success. Or try to get your client database information.


Destructive Competition

In 2007 the McLaren Mercedes, the leading team in the Formula One championship, was fined $100 million and excluded from the constructor’s title in connection with the spying scandal that has plagued the sport all season.

Cooperative Competition

If two companies are competing for business, but exchange some information about the market, they can improve their products to increase their sales.

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