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Committee DMCA1201

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Committee against DMCA 1201 act

This committee has been formed with the major purpose to support and protect Researchers Who Investigate Browsers. The petition of the committee is to be part of the signatories as an Organization, not just individual members.


The World Wide Web Consortium has taken the extraordinary, controversial step of standardizing DRM in the form of something called Encrypted Media Extensions, which will be part of HTML5. Because of laws like the DMCA and its international equivalents, security researchers who reveal flaws in HTML5-compliant browsers will face punishing legal jeopardy. We're worried that this means that critical bugs in the browsers billions of people rely upon will take longer to come to light and are more likely to be exploited in the wild.


Have OWASP as an organisation, not just individuals, officially support to protect researchers by being part of the signatories as an organization

Members of the Committee

Kevin W. Wall Andrew van der Stock Tom Brennan Johanna Curiel

Do you support this initiative? Be part of it

To be part of this committee initiative, please add your name to the list or request any of the members committee to add it


Antonio Fontes