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Chapter Leader Meeting AppSec Europe 2008

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Chapter Leader Meeting AppSec Europe 2008

Meeting Minutes

Chapter Leader Meeting AppSec Europe 2008
Date 21-May-2008, 18h00-19h00 CET

Organized by Mat

Dave Wichers (Washington_DC)
Thomas Schreiber, Alexander Meisel, and Boris Hemkemeier. (Germany)
Kare Presttun (Norway)
Matteo Meucci (Italy)
Ofer Shezaf (Israel)
Sebastien Deleersnyder (Belux)
Ivan Ristic, Dinis Cruz (London)
Bert Koelewijn (Netherlands)
Paulo Coimbra (OWASP Project Manager)


(Mat) Contents: - Discuss about new ideas to improve each OWASP Chapter - How every chapter should help OWASP growing faster - Involve people and media

  • Involve people in OWASP

Local security events: it is important that the local chapter should participate to the Security event in your country? For example InfoSecurity, ISACA local conferences. OWASP Days (Week) in your countries: a case of success? How many OWASP week should we organize in a year? Affiliation: How many chapters are affiliate with ISACA, ISSA, ISC2 and local InfoSecurity organizations? Is that important for the Chapter?

  • Involve people to adopt OWASP

Survey: should we set up a local survey to interview the CSO of local Companies about the adoption of OWASP Guidelines in they company? Should be interesting for OWASP to know how many companies adopt OWASP and also to know the Return of Security Investment (ROSI) related the implementation of security process in the Software Development Life Cycle (Secure Design, Threat Modeling, Code Review, Web Application Penetration Testing)?

  • Involve media

Articles: it is important to set up a team in your chapter dedicated writing article and news on local Security Magazine and e-zine? Should we create an OWASP team for writing articles that could be published on all local magazine countries? Journalists: involve journalist to participate to the OWASP conferences


- Dave: how can OWASP growing faster? Is a good way to find a new employee with the goal to increase the number of OWASP members?
- Dinis: How to spend the OWASP money collected from Conferences and memberships in the better way? OWASP SoC Conference in Portugal: we can pay the fly and hotel for SoC projects leaders and 2 reviewers or authors What if we publish OWASP books also for beta and alpha projects
- Ivan: Improve our site to be more professional, publish only quality OWASP project into a book
- Seba: Books put in circulation should really be of release quality. These books are supposed to be viral. People who are new to OWASP should get a good first impression.
- Bert:
- Kare:

These rough notes have been entered by Mat, please add your thought.