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The OWASP Testing Guide is now undergoing an overhaul as part of the OWASP Autumn of Code. This project shall be lead by technical lead Matteo Meucci.

The first Draft of the new Testing Guide 2.0 is available below.
Plese referer to AoC Testing Guide for the new updated project.

This new revised version shall be complete by the 31/12/2006. It shall be a defacto web application security assessment guide.


This projects goal is to create a "best practices" penetration testing framework which users can implement in their own organizations and a "low level" penetration testing guide that describes how to find certain issues.


The technical lead for the Autumn of Code testing guide re-development is Matteo Meucci.

Currently there are many people helping out when they can. The Project lead is Eoin Keary. There are still lots of areas to be covered. To contribute please email Eoin

Varun Uppal, Dan Cuthbert, Jeff Williams, Larry Shields, Josh Perrymon (Live CD), Weilin Zhong, Ralph M. Los, Glyn Geoghegan, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino, Mauro Bregolin, Alberto Revelli, Matteo Meucci, Syed Mohamed, Harinath Pudipeddi...........

Volunteers needed

Contact Matteo if you want to get involved in the AoC project, via the testing mail list.

Work is underway on the Autumn of Code phase of the testing guide, and we would love to hear from volunteers who could offer their knowledge in creating this phase.

If you have knowledge and experience in application testing, and can spare a few hours a week, please do get in touch

Testing Project Phase Two Guide(Current)

This is the working (current) draft of the OWASP Testing Guide. Please login to make changes as you see fit. Changes will be vetted by the OWASP Testing Project team.

OWASP Testing Project Phase Two Guide Table of Contents
OWASP Testing Guide v2 Table of Contents <-- The AoC version....New and improved!!

Testing Guide Download

This is a copy of the old guide: OWASP Testing Guide

The new guide is more extensive and in wiki format: OWASP_Testing_Guide_Table_of_Contents

Downloads and Materials

You can download project releases from the OWASP download center.

THE OWASP Testing Project Live CD The OWASP testing project is currently implementing an Application security Live CD.
LabRat Version 0.8 Alpha is just weeks away from Beta testing*.

The aim of this CD is to have a complete testing suite on one Disk. The CD shall also contain the forthcoming OWASP Testing guide.

The Live CD now has its own section you can find it here: [1]

Newest Release

Currently we are working on the new guide via the Autumn of Code project. Progress can be found here: [[2]]


View the OWASP Testing Project Roadmap


 OWASP Pen Test Checklist in Italian 
 Sun May 22 10:56:39 EDT 2005 
 I'm glad to announce we have released OWASP Pen Test Checklist in Italian. Thanks to the Italian Chapter, Massimiliano and Mateo for it's great effort to have this document translated. You can download this verion inPDF or Word

 Checklist ver 1.17 in Spanish 
 Mon Apr 04 15:37:24 EDT 2005 
 I'm glad to announce we have released OWASP Pen Test Checklist ver 1.17 in Spanish.Thanks to Pedro, Raul and Rogelio for it's great effort to have this document translated and to Christian by helping out with technical edition. You can download this verion PDF or Word

Project Contributors


Feedback and Participation

We hope you find the information in the OWASP Testing project useful. Please contribute back to the project by sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to the OWASP Testing mailing list. Thanks!

To join the OWASP Testing mailing list or view the archives, please visit the subscription page.


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