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This program helps local chapters or application security conferences to find OWASP related speakers to have OWASP presenters on site.

This program allows two parties to find each other:

  • Local chapters or application security events that want to attract an OWASP speaker
  • OWASP speakers to entertain OWASP presentations and that want to see the world

For sponsorship, see the OWASP on the Move Project page

available presentations

available speakers

If you want to (re)do an OWASP related presentation, propose them here with your availability boundaries (timing/geographical)

  • Add your name, contact and bio information to become available as OWASP Speaker!
Name Introduction Available Area Bios
Chuck McCullough Chuck provides training sessions to developers on the Top 10. Chuck welcomes speaking opportunities to any group. Chuck is available in the Texas area and at various other locations in the USA. USA/Texas BIO
Marc Curphey Marc will happily speak about the WebAppSec industry, SDLC etc. around Europe. You can see him in action at HITB with John Viega (big download) Europe BIO
Tom Brennan based in NYC Metro is a long time volunteer and OWASP contributor. As a security evangelist is available for global speaking events to educate audiences about what OWASP Foundation mission is, how it works and projects. In addition he also provides talks on honeypot research and case-studies about tatical experinces when conducting Red Team/Tiger Team assessments involving the application, network, wireless and physical security BIO
Paolo Perego Paolo is available to talk about Orizon project, safe coding and code review issues around Europe in the near October-December. Europe BIO
Marco Morana Marco is available to talk about Software Security Frameworksand Secure Code Reviews see 07 CSI conference as reference in USA around November-December and in Europe around January-February Europe BIO
Sébastien Gioria Sebastien is available to talk about WebAppSec, educational purpose on AppSec in French or at least in english around France/Europe/Canada from middle of March 08. You can find some Talk on the Owasp France Chapter France/Europe/Canada BIO
Mordecai Kraushar Mordecai is available to talk about different topics within the Web application security space. One specific discussion involves the OWASP Vicnum Project, which is a lightweight vulnerable web application based on a game played to kill time. It demonstrates common web application vulnerabilities such as cross site scripting and session management issues. Vicnum is also helpful to IT auditors who need to hone web application security skills. Northeastern United States BIO
  • Add your name, contact and bio information to become available as OWASP Speaker!

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