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Welcome to the OWASP Presentations Program

In an effort to promote more in-depth work in application security, the OWASP Presentations program is now accepting presentation submissions. Presentations submitted to the OWASP Presentations program will be reviewed by a team of senior application security experts. These reviewers will provide constructive feedback on submissions in the hopes of achieving a publishable quality paper. Papers that are approved by the review team will be published on the OWASP website and will be candidates for presentation at the next OWASP AppSec conference.

Submitting a Presentation

To submit a presentation, please use the following template for Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. All submissions should be sent to [email protected]. By submitting a presentation, you agree to having OWASP publish the presentation on the OWASP website.

OWASP Education Presentation Guidelines

Some guidelines:

  • Use the OWASP Education Project Template powerpoint
  • Provide a summary next to the slides
  • Add a descriptive summary and expectations on knowledge
  • Only include necessary data
  • Slide contents should be self evident
  • One slide should cover only one specific topic, avoid overly dense slides
  • Max seven words per line, seven lines per slide
  • Present information graphically: an image can say more than thousand words
  • Don't use all capital letters
  • limit your presentation to less than 50 slides - better less than 30 slides (a good presentation will be max. 90 minutes and typical time per slide is 2 minutes). If you need more, split the presentation in parts.
  • Support each slide with notes (the part below the slide in PowerPoint). These notes should provide the presenter with enough material (including references) to prepare the presentation without much extra research.


This way presentations can be reused by the Education Project.


Advanced SQL Injection (Victor Chapela)
Detailed methodology for analyzing applications for SQL injection vulnerabilities.
Title (Author)
Brief description

Keynote Template

If you want to create a presentation with Apple Keynote using the OWASP design, you can use the Keynote '08 template.

OWASP Presentation Template 2010 - Draft

New OWASP Presentation Template Draft - 2010

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