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= Main =
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== About ==
The OWASP PHP Project is the clearing house for all information related to building secure web applications and services based on PHP technologies. The focus of the project is on guidance for developers and application architects on using PHP and PHP frameworks. Moreover, we aim to provide security related guidance for system administrators managing PHP based applications and tools.
Community content is key to security information. The project depends on content from developers throughout the PHP ecosystem.
* Provide deep, rich guidance for PHP developers in using the security features of PHP and of PHP frameworks.
* Address security in relation to PHP and derived technologies.
* Guide system administrators in managing PHP related components and applications.
* Create guidance for use of OWASP components that are designed for use with PHP.
* Focus on information about working with and on OWASP tools built using PHP or other PHP technologies.
* Provide a stream of security related information, like vulnerabilities and security patches, related to the PHP universe.
* Build an ecosystem allowing to all actors interested to discuss, share and learn.
== Licensing ==
OWASP PHP Project is free to use. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license], so you can copy, distribute and transmit the work, and you can adapt it, and use it commercially, but all provided that you attribute the work and if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.
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== Team ==
Lead: None.
Curator: [ Tasha CARL]
== Meta ==
Last Update: 12/2015
== Other Resources ==
[ Mailing List]
== Related Projects ==
* [[OWASP_Project|Main Project Repository]]
* [[Language|Languages Repository]]
* [[OWASP_.NET_Project|OWASP .NET]]
* [[OWASP_Java_Project|OWASP Java and JVM]]
* [[OWASP_Ruby_Project|OWASP Ruby]]
* [[OWASP_C/C++_Project|OWASP C/C++]]
* [[OWASP_DevSec_Project|OWASP DevSec]]
* [[OWASP_Python_Project|OWASP Python]]
* [[OWASP_Internet_of_Things_Project|OWASP IoT Security]]
* [[OWASP_Mobile_Security_Project|OWASP Mobile Security]]
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= Project and related OWASP Resources =
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== Mailing List ==
[ OWASP PHP Project Mailing List]
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== Twitter Feed ==
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== Code Repository ==
== PHP Projects Mailing Lists ==
== Related Project Resources ==
[[OWASP_Project|Main Project Repository]]
[[Language|Programming Languages Repository]]
[[OWASP_Java_Project|OWASP Java and JVM Project]]
[[OWASP_.NET_Project|OWASP .NET Project]]
[[OWASP_DevSec_Project|OWASP DevSec Project]]
[[OWASP_C/C++_Project|OWASP C/C++ Project]]
[[OWASP_Ruby_Project|OWASP Ruby Project]]
[[OWASP_Python_Project|OWASP Python Project]]
[[OWASP_PHP_Project|OWASP PHP Project]]
[[OWASP_Internet_of_Things_Project|OWASP IoT Security Project]]
[[OWASP_Mobile_Security_Project|OWASP Mobile Security Project]]
=PHP Security Overview=
It is not easy to produce a PHP application without security vulnerabilities. Most application security [[:Category:Vulnerability|vulnerabilities]] apply to PHP applications just like other environments.
The goals of this project are to provide information about building, configuring, deploying, operating, and maintaining secure PHP applications. We cover the following topics or pick a topic from the [[OWASP PHP Table of Contents]]
; [[PHP Security for Architects]]
: Provides information about the design and architectural considerations for a PHP web application.  Common architectures such as MVC, Ajax, Web Services and PEAR / Zend Frameworks are discussed.
; [[PHP Security for Developers]]
: This section covers dangerous calls and common vulnerabilities associated with them, such as system() exec(), eval() and so on. This section will also cover standard security mechanisms available in the standard language, such as cryptography, logging, encryption, and error handling. Securing elements of an application, such as controllers, business logic, and persistence layers will be covered. We'll discuss handling request parameters, encoding, injection, and more.
; [[PHP Security for Deployers]]
: These articles cover topics specifically related to the PHP hosting environment. We discuss minimizing the attack surface, configuring error handlers, and performing hardening of PHP.
= Project Pages =
== Tools Chain ==
== Libraries ==
== Documents ==
[[PHP Top 5]] - OWASP PHP Top 5
= Get involved =
To get involved join the mailing list: [ OWASP PHP Mailing List]
Please visit the [[Tutorial]] and remember to add the tag: <nowiki>[[Category:OWASP_PHP_Project]]</nowiki> at the end of articles so that they're properly categorised.
= Project Archives =
The previous version of this PHP Project home page is archived here: [[OWASP_PHP_Project_Archive_(03.2015)]]
The category 'PHP' should not be employed. Please use the category '<nowiki>[[Category:OWASP_PHP_Project]]</nowiki>' instead.
<categorytree mode=pages style="display: block;">PHP</categorytree>
=Project About=
{{Template:Project About
| project_name =OWASP PHP Project
| project_description = The OWASP PHP Project is the clearing house for all information related to building secure web applications and services based on PHP technologies.
| project_license =CC-BY 3.0 for documentation and GPLv3 for code.
| leader_name1 = none
| leader_email1 =
| leader_username1 =
| contributor_name1 = Tasha CARL
| contributor_email1 =
| contributor_username1 = imifos
| mailing_list_name =
| links_url1 =
| links_name1 = OWASP Languages Project Twitter
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