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Idea is to have software enumerated via favicon.ico. How to do that? Take hash (in our case MD5) of favicon.ico and compare it against the known database. This project is about the favicon database itself and process in how to get the database of most frequent ones by crawling internet.

So, project has started the adventure of getting the statistics of MD5 fingerprints of most usual favicons.ico. We have faced problems how to enumerate http(s) hosts on Internet. Currently, we have recognized two types of http servers which we want to cover. First type is http servers on network devices and appliances and the second type is normal web servers with virtual hosts support.

You can read process, problem and solution on OWASP_favicon_database_crawl.

OWASP_favicon_database -favicon database in wiki format, feel free to contribute directly to wiki - Favicon MD5 database of most popular favicons found on the Internet - latest - Favicon MD5 database of most popular favicons found on the internet - archive

Nmap http-favicon.nse: NSE script for MD5 favicon fingerprinting

OpenVAS webserver_favicon.nasl: NASL NVT for MD5 favicon fingerprinting

w3af w3af plugin for MD5 favicon fingerprinting

Project roadmap is available at OWASP_favicon_database_roadmap page.

We hope you find the information in the OWASP Favicon Database project useful. Please contribute back to the project by sending your comments, questions, and suggestions to the OWASP Favicon mailing list. Thanks!

You can contribute by editing the database on wiki itself: OWASP_favicon_database. Also, you can contribute via Twitter by using @OWASPfavicon and sending MD5, name of favicon and version (if possible).

To join the OWASP Testing mailing list or view the archives, please visit the mailing list subscription page.

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